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Aiplex provides a seamlessly integrated array of content protection solutions to entertainment industry (Movies, TV shows), Brands, e-books, Games, Software, etc. We aim to render a one-stop solution encompassing online tracking, data verification, enforcement and eradication of infringements. The process involves evidence gathering, Business Intelligence guide, Traffic diversion methodologies and Monetization techniques.

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Aiplex is a global contender against content theft irrespective of the type of content on the online space. Our service does not limit itself to detection & eradication of infringements, it also incorporates traffic diversion and monetization capabilities for the content. As online antipiracy domain experts, we capitalize on our unique competence in combating the menace of copyright theft by safeguarding our clients brand value, reputation & revenues.

Aiplex endeavors to follow a very well structured comprehensive plan countering internet piracy. Our suite of solutions is not only designed to eradicate infringements but also enables the content owner to formulate vital business decisions. A huge whirlpool of data on consumer preferences helps the distribution companies to realign their marketing, distribution patterns and investment initiatives strategically. A definite quantifiable result is assured as an outcome of our content protection solutions.

Awards & Recognition

Aiplex is one of the most recognized companies in the brand protection space when it comes to awards galore. We have received several corporate awards that demonstrate innovation & leadership qualities triggering the company to achieve many more milestones.

  • International Award for Excellence and Business Prestige from NewYork,
  • Excellence Award 2012 for Research and Innovation from KRDWG - IIT Delhi.
  • Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development from All India Achievers Foundation, New Delhi.