Our client’s appreciation is the biggest reward and indeed the best proof of concept to validate our claim. A statement of declaration from a few of our clients about the actual or potential effects of our services is outlined below.

Balaji Motion Pictures / Balaji Telefilms Limited,
Head - Distribution & Acquisition

AIPLEX has done an exemplary job in helping producers like us in curbing piracy. With technical advancement being very rapid, Internet being a household name, online piracy is very largely affecting our revenues.

AIPLEX is taking a great step & a huge initiative in curbing that strongly. We are very proud to associate with them. Our best wishes to them. ALWAYS!!!

Beatriz Setuain Arraiza,
Sales Head – Imagina International Sales, Spain

Aiplex’s services will be essential in each and every story of success in the international cinema business from now on.

Carlo Vincenti, Italia Film International S.A.L., Beirut

"we hereby would like to thank AIPLEX for an extraordinary piracy eradication action for 2 months with 2 very tough movies being: Zero Dark Thirty & Chinese Zodiac in English language with or without Arabic subtitles.

We are sure that such protection measures have help Italia Film exploit to the maximum its theatrical rights without worrying about piracy"