Most of our customers have tried the big banner companies who display impressive ads & come with bigger price tag have eventually shifted gears to Aiplex who offer coherent & cohesive personalized services with an unmatched cost. A full-feature customized workflow management software (CMS) is installed to provide a 360degree feedback mechanism resulting in enhanced efficacy.

You should choose to work with Aiplex for its !

  • A blend of cutting edge technology and human intelligence gives an edge to our offerings.
  • Operational in 5 continents and has more than 100 employees scrolling the web 24/7.
  • ORS (Online Reporting Suite) is a web based reporting software that generates reports on a wide range of client requirements.
  • Contractually guaranteed 90% results.
  • Automatic tracker provides <50% results; whereas manual extraction provides more than 99% efficacy.
  • More than 40% of the Infringements are taken down instantaneously by virtue of having moderator facility with more than 15 hosts.
  • Proven instances of eradicating more than 80% of the infringements in less than 48hrs.
  • Processed more than 5 million infringements since inception.
  • Competency to work on any language irrespective of its geography.
  • Geo-locational details with relevant evidence of violation are provided in the event of any possible litigation.
  • Shall offer a free 2 weeks trial to demonstrate our capabilities.
  • A very attractive price based on Monthly, Quarterly and Annual packages.
  • No compulsion of minimum contracts.
  • Disaster recovery Plan.
  • Long term commitment to content protection solutions.
  • Focus on Quality and Delivery with Excellent Workflow Management.
  • Excellent Training Methodology and transparency in billing.
  • Above all, our passion brings in the confidence to deliver promises putting all our conscious efforts.