Aiplex is staffed by a strong, coherent, and well-trained team of 100 plus qualified employees who have witnessed a sense of growth that is unparalleled in the industry. The work-force comes from a wide range of culture, different educational background and geographic locations to build a dynamic professional environment. We have nurtured an atmosphere to think independently, being committed and accountable that fosters the company to meet business demands consistently.

Aiplex values are essentially based on teamwork,growth and recognition with a clearly defined career path that provides opportunity to earn more based on ones level of proficiency. We are recognized as an industry leader with a proven record of less than 10% attrition that demonstrates growth and stability in ones career.


One has an opportunity to build his/her career as a full time employee at Aiplex. We invite young and talented professionals at different levels. If you are the type who likes to grab opportunities by the horns and ride your career to the top, Aiplex provides limitless opportunities to all your mavericks.

Prerequisites to fit at various level

1 ) Link extractors

  • The aspirant should hold a BA/BSc/Bcom, BE/BTech degree or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Must have sound knowledge in internet & HTML knowledge.
  • Adequate exposure in SEO is an added advantage.
  • An effective knowledge on different type of sites like cyberlockers, Torrents, Streaming, Blogs & Forum sites etc.
  • Should possess fair knowledge on latest technologies like android Applications & android programming, Ubuntu mobile technology & windows operating system.
  • Should be aware of Mozilla Add On’s and Google basic key word search patterns.
  • Should have excellent keyboard skills with the knowhow of short cut keys (essentially 30- 40 wpm).
  • Ability and desire to learn new skills and adapt to changing business environment.

2 ) DMCA Verifying Agents / DMCA Notifying Agents:

  • The aspirant should hold a BA/BSc/Bcom, BE/BTech degree or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Essentially, the aspirant should have knowledge of Email etiquettes and excel skills.
  • Should be able to assist superiors in planning, organizing and directing the enforcement activities involved.
  • Should be a quick learner to work on different application based

3 ) Video Developer

  • A minimum of one year experience in developing qualitative videos.
  • Should possess fair knowledge in MeGul Software & windows live movie maker.
  • Given in any formats, an ability to provide the high quality videos.
  • Understand the need to build spoofs & strategize the video content with annotations accordingly.

4 ) Business Analyst

  • The aspirant should hold an MBA or equivalent from a recognized University.
  • Primarily he/she should be able to collect and analyze the data for defining / delivering business & functional insights and ultimately be accountable for product delivery.
  • Should be self-motivated, target oriented and meet set timelines.
  • Should possess good communication skills for client interaction.
  • Nonetheless, the aspirant should have good analytical thinking & excellent interpersonal skills.